Lawtask is not the only web resource that is available to enhance your legal career. There are many useful resources available which can give law students and graduates a boost in their applications. Discover a range of articles and guides to help you kick-start your legal career.

Resource NameProvider
Pro Bono Work Experience The Lawyer Portal
Online Mock Trials The Lawyer Portal
Beginner’s Guide to a Career in Law LawCareers.Net
Training Contracts: Advice for Aspiring Solicitors The Lawyer Portal
10 Important Lawyer Skills and How to Develop ThemThe Lawyer Portal
How to Get a Job in a Law Firm Chambers Student
5 Ways to Boost Your Employability During University The Lawyer Portal
How Law Students can Improve Their EmployabilityThe University of Law
Becoming a Solicitor: Start Planning Your Future Today (PDF)The Law Society
Virtual Ways to Boost Your Employability Law Society of Scotland
How to write a CV | Advice and Templates Bright Network
How to Impress in Virtual Applications Bright Network
Graduate Career Guide 2020/21 Bright Network
Law GuidesThe Lawyer Portal

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