OpenLearn - Social work and the law in Scotland

OpenLearn - Social work and the law in Scotland
Why are online courses important?

Online courses are a great way to enhance your CV, whilst gaining knowledge in a topic of your choice. It shows the employer that you are really interested in a career in law and that you are willing to put extra time and effort into trying to achieve it. It shows commitment and determination. Furthermore, online courses often offer points of reflection that your university course might not offer, giving you extra knowledge that will make you stand out from the crowd.

What OpenLearn says about this course:

“Social work is a dynamic profession that is undergoing a period of significant change in Scotland. Social workers have the power to make assessments and decisions that radically alter people’s lives. This free course, Social work and the law in Scotland, introduces the law as it relates to social work and encourages an understanding of the context of the law in order to make sound decisions.”

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