What is Lawtask?

Lawtask has been created to bridge the gap between graduating from university and entering a professional legal career. The legal sector is getting more competitive, and every year law graduates struggle to be successful in their applications. Often students and graduates are rejected from applications due to “a lack of experience”. Lawtask aims to collate physical and remote opportunities available to help law students gain real work experience, and most importantly, practical skills to make them stand out from the crowd. Our goal is to create an easily accessible resource where law students can find a range of online courses, upcoming webinars, useful articles, and volunteering opportunities, helping students and graduates to succeed in their legal careers. 

Why was Lawtask created?

Lawtask was created by two aspiring lawyers: Alessia Cucciniello, a third-year LLB student at the University of the West of England, and Kieran Woodhouse, an LPC/LLM student at the University of the West of England. We decided to create Lawtask after receiving a few rejections due to “lack of experience”. As a law student, you have probably been told since the first day, that your degree alone is not enough. You have been told that you need to build networking skills, commercial awareness and you need to show employers that you are professional and committed. However, none of these things come naturally. It takes dedication and effort to build employability skills and there are a lot of resources out there. We aim to collect all of these useful resources, so we can help law students invest their time efficiently whilst enhancing their CVs.

What about work experience?

It is known that firms receive up to thousands of applications for just a few positions available. If you are a law student, you know how competitive the legal sector is and you are aware of the disproportion between law graduates and the entry-level legal jobs available. We understand how hard and discouraging it is to be told that your degree, on which you have spent so much time and effort, is not enough. Don’t get disheartened, we are here to help.

On Lawtask, you will be able to find a range of remote internships. These virtual internships have the aim to give you a taste of what working in the legal profession looks like. They allow you to undertake relevant tasks designed by law firms. These takes provide you with the opportunity to gain relevant experience and skills that will look great on your CV. You will be drafting letters, helping clients, conducting legal research, and more. This will not only show the employer how committed you are to pursuing a career in the legal sector, but it will show them that you have the skills and knowledge to be successful in your job.

Don’t wait any longer, the legal profession is waiting for you!

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